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Falmouth University Class of 2020 Graduation Book

Falmouth University Class of 2020 Graduation Book

We’re always very proud to help bring The Falmouth University Graduation Book to life and in 2020, this piece of print probably means more to the students than ever before.

The Project

This year, graduation was a very different affair. For students, instead of donning their mortar-board, gown, celebrating with friends and being congratulated by Chancellor Dawn French in front of loved ones, everything was postponed – a casualty of the Coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why the 2020 book, which features student work and graduate names really needed to stand out – and once again, the Design Team at Falmouth University delivered an alluring vision with a cover that included computer coding as well as sound-waves and other elements in a glittering gold foil.

With a combination of intricate hot foiling, matt laminated cover and a number of different FSC stocks this isn’t just any piece of print. This is a book that’s designed to impress, inspire, celebrate success and act as a keepsake.

Key Challenges

A range of finishes, including matt lamination and hot foiling - all undertaken in-house.

Ensuring consistency of colour accross a range of coated and uncoated paper stocks.

Undertaking a full fulfilment and mailing operation, sending thousands across the UK.

Our Solution

With so many processes involved and a strict deadline to meet, SAPC were well-placed to offer an exceptional turnaround time as all elements of the print, laminating and specialist finishing happened under one roof.

Firstly, by choosing to print the project on our Ryobi instant-drying UV press, this meant that not only did the colours look sharp and consistent across both the uncoated and silk stocks – but there was no hanging around waiting for the ink to dry; the project could head down to our specialist finishing department with no delay.

The matt-laminated cover featured an intricate design using gold foil, and the inside pages containing both text and colourful images were on uncoated paper, with interleaved translucent sections.

After being perfect-bound, we then provided a full fulfilment and mailing service with our team carefully packed the books into gold envelopes. We then securely processed the address data of students and working with Royal Mail, arranged mailing in the UK and further afield.