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Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re a local company with local connections: supporting charities and organisations, working closely with people who share our environmental and ethical values, and championing prosperity in Cornwall.

Carbon Balanced Printer Cornwall

Carbon Balanced Print

St Austell Printing Company are proud to be one of a handful of printers in the UK to be an official “Carbon Balanced Printer”. This means we offset the full operational carbon footprint of your print….

Charities and Sponsorship

Doing our bit to make things better. From community initiatives to international campaigns, we support all sorts of charities and organisations that work hard to make the world a better place. Here are just a few of them…

SAPC Calendar Charity Donation
Sustainability at St Austell Printing Company


Sustainability is part of everything we do. We built a print factory on its principles. The design of our building reduces our demand for energy and natural resources making our printing even more efficient…

Two Sides

Printing is an industry based on paper, a raw material which requires energy to manufacture. The good news for us is that paper is largely renewable and recyclable and we’re responsible for our product…

SAPC sustainability two sides
Our Standards

Quality and Standards

In our 30 years printing for customers we’ve learnt a few things about quality. We’re proud of the high standards our customers expect from us…