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Our Standards

Quality and Standards

In our 30 years printing for customers we’ve learnt a few things about quality. We’re proud of the high standards our customers expect from us.

It’s All About People

Monitoring and maintaining quality standards is not just about our products and processes, it’s about our customers. Taking time to get to know them, listening to what they need, and ensuring we deliver.

And it’s about our staff.

Keeping our customers happy, delighting them with good-looking print, goes hand in hand with committing to our people, our place of work, and the environment.

A Team of Experts

Recruiting the best people for the job, investing in their skills and training, retaining them, rewards us with a strong team of loyal, committed experts.

“A number of our staff working in pre-press and running the printing presses joined us as apprentices. They’ve worked their way through the factory, learning all the different processes involved in printing and honing their skills. Our customers benefit from their dynamic expertise. Helping staff develop through training and hands on experience has paid off.” Beth Mayman, Operations Manager

Staff who bring established knowledge offer insight into processes, keeping SAPC and our customers in touch with an innovative industry.

Opportunities to attend events, courses and collaborative sessions keeps us innovating, delivering benefits we’re passing on to customers by investing in new machinery, offering new printing and finishing techniques, and new ways to order print with our online print shop.

Our Team

Peter Moody

Peter Moody

Managing Director
Amanda Moody

Amanda Moody

Beth Mayman - SAPC

Beth Mayman

Operations Manager
SAPC Kevin Brokenshire

Kevin Brokenshire

Prepress & Production Manager

Our Standards

Our print factory is a place where cutting-edge equipment, refined processes, and years of printing expertise combine. A place providing print on spec, on time, and on budget, to happy customers. A place providing quality service and print first time and every time by balancing procedures, operations and processes.

  • Internationally recognised quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • Presses with CIP3 technology electronically passing information and setting ink ducts from pre-press teams to our printing team meaning quicker and more accurate make readies.
  • Print to ISO 12647-2 Colour Quality standard
  • Colour Quality Management Certification Scheme using ISO 12647-1 for printing inks, calibrated densitometers to ISO 12647 and xrite spectrometric measuring equipment including sheet scanners to measure all sheets running through the print run
  • Proofs provided to ISO 12647-7 standard using FOGRA 39 accreditation
  • FOGRA 39 media wedge printed on all proofs and scanned using xrite spectrometer

We regularly review our standards and feedback.

Please contact us or visit our Awards and Accreditation Page for more information.

Environmental Credentials

St Austell Printing Company has made a significant investment in meeting its sustainability goals, by unveiling one of the largest roof-based solar panel arrays in Cornwall.