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SAPC New Ryobi Press

Litho Printing Services

For short or long-run projects, our lithographic printing presses provide the opportunity to use a wider range of paper stock, finishes and product sizes.

Litho Printing

For both short and long-run projects, our team of litho printing experts are responsible for running our five lithographic printing presses and sourcing the paper stock.

In this department we can facilitate the printing of flyers, leaflets, brochures, books, business cards, stationery and much more. If your project is over 500 copies in size, then having it printed lithographically can sometimes be more cost-effective.

Using the lithographic press also presents the opportunity to use a wider range of paper stock and substrates, finishes and product sizes.

Purpose-Built, Environmentally Friendly Print Factory

Our print factory makes the best use of natural light, a bright, open space to illuminate your print, perfect for our printers to produce your exact printing needs.

Each machine is operated by a trained printer, who uses a combination of the latest technology and their own experience to make sure the prints produced are sharp and the colours are matched to the original.

One to Five Colours

Depending on your project we can print anything from one to five colours, including a spot colour. This is a special premixed ink that is used instead of, or in addition to, process inks. We have the facilities to source and mix spot colours in-house.

If you have a particular colour that needs reproducing perfectly, then lithographic printing offers the best and most versatile solution.

Excellent Turnaround Times

Our printing presses are fast workers – with the ability to print up-to 15,000 sheets per hour offering excellent turnaround times.

A combination of technology and years of experience means our team are able to ensure that the print produced is accurate and has the “wow” factor it deserves.



Printing one sheet in our print shop or a large, complex run on our full colour presses, we’re printing for your business or pleasure, and we’re fast, reliable and convenient.