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SAPC sustainability two sides

Two Sides

Printing is an industry based on paper, a raw material which requires energy to manufacture. The good news for us is that paper is largely renewable and recyclable and we’re responsible for our product.

Have You Heard Two Sides of the Story?

Two Sides is an organisation committed to promoting the responsible production, use and recovery of print and paper.

Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products and it’s one of the most recycled products in the world, it’s reused numerous times.

Printing is a sustainable industry but people still believe print and paper are bad for the environment. We’re keen to set the record straight and show there are two sides to the story.

We’re working together with Two Sides to dispel environmental misconceptions around printing, recycling and paper, providing verifiable facts and information on why print and paper are attractive, practical and sustainable.

As a result of the print and paper industry’s efforts to be environmentally responsible, European forests are growing at a rate of 1,500 football pitches every day, now that’s something to be proud of.

There aren’t many industries around that can aspire to becoming genuinely sustainable. The paper industry, however, is one of them; it is inherently sustainable.

Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder, Forum for the Future

For sheer flexibility, style and effectiveness, print and paper can be the natural choice for sustainable and powerful communications.

Two Sides Booklet

Request a free copy of our Two Sides Myths and Facts Booklet

Find out about some of the environmental facts of print and paper, with our Two Sides “Myths and Facts” booklet.

Simply send us an email to, and we’ll happily pop one in the post for you.

Environmental Credentials

St Austell Printing Company has made a significant investment in meeting its sustainability goals, by unveiling one of the largest roof-based solar panel arrays in Cornwall.