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St Austell Printing Company's Quality Policy Statement

St Austell Printing Company Ltd (SAPC) attaches the highest importance to the delivery of print and communications solutions, which as a minimum, meet customer expectations.

Balanced with commercial and environmental requirements, SAPC and its team are committed to providing quality of service and product; first time and every time.

In support of this commitment, SAPC will conduct its operations in line with the internationally recognised quality management standard, ISO 9001:2015 following the 7 Quality Management Principles:

Customer Focus – ensuring we always meet customer expectations.

Leadership – providing purpose, direction and engagement for all the team.

Engagement of People – recognising, empowering and enhancing skills and knowledge.

Process Approach – understanding our processes to optimise performance.

Improvement – maintaining current performance and creating new opportunities.

Evidence based Decision Making – providing facts, evidences and data analysis for decision making.

Relationship Management – managing relationships with interested parties to optimise performance.

The Company is committed to;

  • Setting quality improvement objectives at Management Reviews or as and when opportunities are identified
  • Satisfying applicable requirements related to the products and services SAPC provide including any relevant compliance or regulatory requirements
  • Continually improving SAPC’s Quality Mangement System and quality performance


The Management Team are responsible for this policy and ensuring that it remains relevant. This will be achieved through formal annual review. However, it is the responsibility of every employee to ensure we adhere to the principles and aims set out.

Peter Moody, Managing Director

January 2024