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Brochure Print

Printed Brochure Reflects New Era of Marketing

Transforming a luxury property brochure into a high end piece of print which inspires through design, printing and finishing, and a marked change in company branding.

The Project

Legacy Properties called on Oracle Design to produce a new brochure showcasing their properties.

Oracle designed two brochures to be printed digitally on superior Italian paper, with a soft touch laminate finishing, perfect bound.

The 12 copies of each brochure are hand-wrapped in tissue before being placed in a box covered in a printed, outer wrap.

Key Challenges

Small, time-consuming job with complex set up.

Narrow margin for error.

Limited capacity to run test prints off.

Sourcing all the different elements and pulling them all together.

Our Solution

Small jobs are time-consuming due to set up time and checking and the precision involved, and this was a high end product so the printing quality must be good; the binding must be spot on.

This short run was a challenge, as making just 12 books is a challenge. Ordinarily we need overs and spares for set ups of the binding to ensure it’s done properly. To set up the binder correctly before printing the 12 brochures, we used spare paper for a practice run so as not to waste the final printed sheets and the fine, expensive Italian paper stock.

With a small quantity, there is minimal room for error: the expertise and attention to detail of our Digital Print Manager Ian Dibb in checking the first items printed were accurate, taking time over the job to ensure the printing was correct, minimised waste from the test runs and kept the job within budget.

We sourced all the different elements for the project and pulled them all together: liaising with suppliers to source the right materials such as the boxes and tissue paper. Our organisation, negotiation and coordination of the project eased responsibility and pressure on Oracle and Legacy who could rely on us to manage the process and hand pack the finished product.

The boxes and books also helped Legacy to achieve a “Highly Commended” in the International Property Awards.