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Lobbs Farm Shop Leaflet

Rigorous Royal Mailing Made Easy

Lobbs Farm Shop sought to promote their butchery and late night Christmas shopping to new prospective customers throughout Cornwall.

The Project

Working with Lobbs and their designers, Design Room Cornwall, we managed the multi-step process of printing, packing and labelling 20,000 leaflets and delivering to Royal Mail, for distribution to Cornwall addresses through their door to door mailing service.

Key Challenges

Coordinating a complex multi-step process between companies.

Our Solution

Organisation and meticulous attention to detail ensured timely, successful project delivery

Each company took on a different role through the various stages of the process and we kept in close communication throughout to ensure all elements of the job came together on time. Lobbs booking the door drop date and postcode distribution area; Design Room completing the design and providing the artwork; the SAPC team printing the leaflets and managing the packing, labelling and delivery to Royal Mail.

Our scheduling had to be spot on to meet Royal Mail’s immoveable deadline, working backwards from their delivery date, accurately calculating the length of time allotted to each part of the printing and packing process. With no scope for delay, we had to be stringent about timings, checking on progress of the printing, finishing and packing to ensure nothing slipped.

To meet Royal Mail’s guidelines for packing and labelling, we thoroughly checked and familiarised ourselves with the requirements, strictly following their detailed instructions.  We effectively managed this complex process of packing in specific quantities, sorting into pallets, and labelling to Royal Mail’s precise specification. As deliveries can be rejected if not packed properly, we had to be meticulous in completing this essential part of the process.