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Terezes’ Work Experience – in her own words.

Work Experience at SAPC
Tereze joined us from Poltair School. She has a passion for anything creative, including photography.

We’re always really pleased to be able to offer work experience placements to local young people, to give them an opportunity to find out more about the world of work, and an introduction to printing.

This week, Tereze joined us from Poltair School. She has a passion for anything creative, including photography. So we gave her the opportunity to design and print her very own business cards for her photography services. This included coming up with the design, going through the pre-press, printing and finishing process.

We asked Tereze to write about her experience here at St. Austell Printing Company:

When I first started I was so nervous, I had this massive and formal looking building right in front of me that I had to go to for a whole week all by myself. Once I came in it instantly felt so much more inviting than I expected, every employee here was so friendly and fun so I knew that I was going to have an amazing week here.

The environment was casual and comfortable so I felt very welcomed. The people here are so fun to chat with its impossible not to enjoy their company. I was very eager to please everyone so I always worked hard, and all that hard work paid off because at the end off the week I had my own business cards. I am very proud of how they look, as I worked very hard on them.

I was given so much interesting work so I’ve never even had the chance to be bored, I was given many different types of work, be it working on my own design of a business card or making my own plate for the litho machines, no matter what work I got it was fun to do.

The coolest thing of all is that everything I’ve done towards making my cards I get to keep so I have something to show for all my work here instead of leaving empty handed, this is also another amazing thing since if you plan on working in the printing industry you don’t have to just rely on your words to sell you, you can also impress your employer with the things you’ve created. Because of this placement you can show that you have a good understanding of every different part of the company instead of only being interested in the one area you chose.

My work experience went so much better than I expected, and unlike most other placements that people get I got to go around and work in each and every part of the company, so that each day I got to experience something new. I loved the fact was treated like one of the employees, this allowed me to get a great taste of what it would be like to work here which is exactly what work experience should do.

Overall I’m just so in love with this place and the vibe of it, I feel so lucky to have worked here and I’d definitely recommend the St Austell Printing Company for anyone interested working in printing. There are so many different layers to this field of work so you’d always have something new to learn and experience. I feel like for me this was the best choice in a placement. This place is great for people with many different interests, whether you’re into graphic design or working with the litho printers, this placement will give you a chance to work with it all.

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